The Last Village

The Last Village

An Indian Apache tribe has to defend their village from white people and other indian tribes invasion. Hopefully, the village has a magic plant which makes soldiers stronger. Be ready to fight and survive for 75 days! To do so, set up a strategy to develop agriculture, handle transactions of agribusiness, trade for guns, train the troops, and send commanders and troops to the battle.


  • Sponsored by LUDOBOX
  • Game Designer: Vincentius Dhimas, Abdul Kahar
  • Programmer: Vincentius Dhimas
  • Artist: Tegar Ariprabowo, Andrea Perdana
  • Music Composer: Clea Leshlick
  • Text Editor: Mikail Yusar, Ryan Cruxblack, Joel Montagu
  • Beta Tester: Ludobox’s Tester Team, Arief Raditya, Abdul Kahar, Matthius Andy, Aditya Sumantri, Bayu Putra, Ryan Cruxblack, Fandrey
  • Special Thanks: and all players in the world,


  • Nominated for AddictingGames Showdown by Nickelodeon “Most Epic Battle Scene”
  • 2nd Daily Winner at
  • 1st Weekly User’s Choice at
  • Reviewed by
  • Had ranked 11th at
  • and hacked by someone, this game became unlimited resources. Is too difficult for him? Haha :D


Video Trailer



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