Squadron Auriga


Squadron Auriga is the most epic battle game on the internet! Play 12 campaigns and play domination. Full control of buildings and units on the battlefield, complete upgrade systems, strong storyline, and much more! Jonathan Power was a great military commander in mankind’s history back in his past. He was once in charge of leading a group of armed forces located in Insectus, an outer space planet inhabited by bunches of menacing aliens. Due to a fatal mistake he made at the time he performed his tasks, Jonathan Power was inactivated and made to be dormant for 15 years inside a hibernation capsule.


  • A S D W or Arrow Key to pan camera.
  • 1-9 Hotkeys for Buildings.
  • Z Hotkey to select all units.
  • SPACEBAR to unselect units/buildings.


  • Sponsored by PLAYHUB
  • Game designer: Vincentius Dhimas
  • Programmer: Vincentius Dhimas
  • Artist: Tegar Ariprabowo, Arie Leo Kartiko
  • Music Composer: Joko Setyo Nugroho
  • Voice Act: Rizky Konstantinovha, Tegar Ariprabowo
  • Beta Tester: Rudy Sudarto, Frida Dwi, Bayu Putra, Funever Team
  • Storytelling: Alfawzia Nurrahmi, Randy Ismail
  • Text Editor: Adeantiko Riza Febiunca
  • Special Thanks to: Wimindra Lee, Achmad Aulia, Fandrey, Jasmine Wildblood, Hwang Mi Hee, Herny Kuncahyani

Video Trailer


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